I love people; I believe this is what influences and drives everything I do. However, I don’t understand people; not entirely. During the course of my life, I have taken great pleasure in trying to decipher what internal motivations and feelings influence people's behavior/actions. I grew up as a first generation Peruvian American in New Jersey. The bonds and feelings of closeness that I experienced as I was raised helped to mold into someone who is always trying to form deeper and more meaningful connections with the people around me. At the age of nine, I moved to central Illinois with my mom, step dad, and my two younger half sisters. The combination of moving both away from my extended and into a primarily white community caused me to begin to feel increasingly out of place in my life. However I soon adapted and was able to make long lasting friendships and grow my own sort of extended family comprised of close friends. As I grew interested in eastern philosophies and religions my conceptions of those around you began to shift and change. The idea of existence became a major point of interest in my art. I soon came to the conclusion that it was a glorious miracle that other people besides myself existed. While this revelation may come as obvious to some, it is my firm belief that the majority of the population doesn't critically consider, or empathize the existence and humanity of the people around them. It soon became clear to me what direction my artistic expression would take: to bring to light, examine, and learn about the phenomena of the existence, humanity, and self-awareness of other people




ICC Juried Student Art Show Spring 2005

ICC Juried Stendent Art Show Spring 2006

Manifest Senior Exhibition, Chicago IL, Summer 2009

"Nude Attitude" Peoria Art Guild Juried Show Spring 2013 *2nd place winner

"Dia De los Muertos" Peoria Art Guild Juried Show Fall 2013 *Honorable Mention winner

"Kitchens" One man show at One World Cafe, Peoria IL, fall 2013





Illinois Central College

Peoria, IL

Associates Degree in Liberal Arts and Science

August 2004-May 2006


Columbia College

Chicago, IL

Bachelors Degree in Photography

September 2007- May 2009