Fitting to start a blog with documenting the ending of a gallery near to our community of artists; DEMO. This final transition fulfills it's namesake so I view this as less and ending and more a culmination.

Ask by those who began the project I'm honored to help capture and preserve the final use of this space.

The first series of photos are from 01/13/2018 and the opening of the final DEMO Project, "Demo DEMO." In the final installment invited previous artist to use the building itself as a canvas. Work included by artists Adam Farcus, Aimée Beaubien, Alberto Aguilar, Andy Roche, Buzz Spector, Edward Kelley, Erin Hayden, Frances Lightbound, Gina Hunt, Guen Montgomery, Industry of the Ordinary, Jessica Caponigro, Mark Joshua Epstein and Will Hutnick, Mark Rospenda, Mike Rea, Sage Dawson, Tom Burtonwood, and Travis Janssen.

The second gallery was photographed today 02/05/2018. Nearly a month out in the elements has altered some pieces while partial demolishing has also revealed previously unseen layers. One of my favorites are the window weights. The building was scheduled to be demolished today, but due to permit issues DEMO still stands. 

I will be uploading the final gallery of the DEMOlition when it finally occurs. Possibly accompanied by video as well. 

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